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Rao's New York and Riverside Farms      Volume 1 Issue 1      May 2, 2007

So you Wanna Have a Wedding at Riverside

Have you ever heard of Raos?

"Part of the great thing about being in New York City is the air of exclusivity that surrounds the nightlife: Velvet ropes only letting beautiful people into clubs, using your connections to get box seats at the Knicks playoff game, hobnobbing with celebrities at the opening of bizarre art exhibits, and anything else that will make your enemies (and even better, your friends) turn green with envy at your ability to gain admittance to the trendiest of spots.

Well there is one New York restaurant that's almost impossible to get into: Rao's. This famed Italian eatery only has about eight tables, and you can't get a seat at one of them unless you are "invited" by one of the table's "owners". And don't think that calling up for a reservation years in advance will help; according to insider Michael Ciravolo, "You got a better chance of getting hit in the ass by lightning" than ever getting a seat, even by phone. Sounds a bit shady, huh? That's part of the charm! Want to complain about the process being unfair? Fuggedaboudit" - excerpt from

There is also a quiet 300 acre farm in the middle of nowhere called Riverside Farm. Riverside is nestled in Pittsfield, Vermont with a population of 400, a tiny town green, an old general store with real penny candy and the country charm to match. Riverside Farm is a stunning historic estate known to do a handful of weddings each year for discerning couples whose main focus is privacy and exclusivity.

So what does a place like Raos and Riverside have in common? Well, on the surface, nothing... Rao's is the hottest restaurant in Manhattan and Riverside is a country farm in Vermont. So what can possibly be the connection? Well this might be a stretch but I see a few... While Rao's has only eight tables, Riverside Farm only allows a limited amount of private events to take place on the property. And it's nearly impossible to book a date for your wedding. Riverside couples typically have their wedding dates set over 2 years in advance. People are booking well into 2010.

Each place has it's own distinct way of protecting the clientele. Rao's enlists bodyguards looking like secret service in black suits with dark glasses to watch out for guests as they make their way to the Harlem destination. While Riverside has no need for such men, it lies so deep into the Vermont country that no one will bother to come looking and plus the locals don't care anyway. They are too busy hiking, biking, farming, riding their tractors, skiing and ignoring out of towners.

In fact, it's hard to find both of these places because similar to Rao's, Riverside does not do any advertising and if you happen to know someone, who knows someone that tells you about this private country estate then you're one of the lucky ones. Riverside is no wedding factory or a rickety moth-ball bed and breakfast that you visited with your parents on your summer vacation. It's an incredibly elegant and private event venue that gives you that country charm (think: Ralph Lauren meets Vermont minus animal skin throws). Riverside Farm evokes feelings of weathered barns, fresh cotton sheets and plaid quilts, very high thre ad count and amazing showers with copper and wrought iron fixtures, glowing lanterns, Adirondack charis watching the sunset with a long trail, fresh lemonade or hot apple cider in hand, warm summer nights with no mosquitoes and a full moon. Martha Stewart would kill to host a "Vermont country wedding" show here but Riverside would never go down that road. More than anything, exclusivity and privacy is the most important aspect of Rao's and Riverside...

To contact Riverside Farm:

Riverside Farm
57 Tweed River Drive
Pittsfield, Vermont 05762
877-746-8822 Toll-free

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